The cover of Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet.

The cover of Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet.

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  • Published: 4/17/2013
  • Length: ~6700 words
  • Album of Inspiration: Embers, by Helen Jane Long  

Magick left the world long ago. The mighty spells and mountainous enchantments of past ages are nothing but decaying words that rot by the day. But that doesn't stop the young student healer, Ferius Foxfur, from seeking them out. Even though he cannot command them -- not even the simplest trick.

But in swathes of moonlight and a chilled wind, Ferius will stumble upon a creature that has no business living near man. And this encounter will grant the boy a terrible power generations in the making.

The First Story of Eras. A simple introduction to the world told through the eyes of an unfortunate boy. This work marks my first formal exploration into writing fiction, and an inevitable host of mistakes.  Bear with me.

Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet  can be purchased exclusively on Amazon. The story can be viewed with any compatible Kindle hardware, an iOS device with a Kindle App, or right from your PC.