Cover art. By Pandamusk.

Cover art. By Pandamusk.

2 | Maiden

  • Published: 3/1/2014
  • Length: A novella
  • Album of Inspiration: The Young Fear Nothing, by Face the West

A traveler, singer, and runaway, Meeka Towers is no stranger to chance encounters. Her supple voice and skill with a sword are much needed constants in her journey through Calden. They have kept her safe and well fed, yet have not fulfilled her long-ago vow of winning a proper bard's title.

Upon learning of a singers' tourney in the cerulean port of Sea Sky, the brash young woman decides to test her mettle against the greatest bards in the South. But within the warm and crowded halls of the Quarrelling Sailors, Meeka will face immense danger, strange secrets, golden ale, and an opponent that could change the course of her life forever.

The Second Story of Eras. Be part of a growing realm of new fantasy, written in tribute to the great minds and pens that have come before.

Available exclusively as a download on Amazon. The novella can be viewed with any compatible Kindle hardware, an iOS device with a Kindle App, or right from your PC.