Thank You

My work, my life, and my loves are all owed to a great many people. Here is a short, short list of those that deserve all the thanks in the world.

To the Divine energies of the universe.

To my mother, Holly, who bestowed me with her love of literature, and insight into matters of the heart. 

To my father, Douglas, who bestowed me with his love of analysis, and insight into matters of the mind.

To Neethi, my best friend, love, and guide. 

To Pandamusk, who crafted the incredible art found on this site. Follow him on Twitter, or visit his personal website, or his posts on IGN

To Charlie and Hilary, who showed me that self-publication was not only possible, but doable. 

To my friends and family. All of you.

To my teachers from before I can remember, to the brilliant minds at University of Rochester. 

To my old crew at IGN. Like family, but raunchier.

And, of course, to you. For reading. For writing. For offering me your thoughts.