The Gallery

The union between strong words and strong art creates incredible moments in human expression. Unfortunately I rarely have the pleasure of serving strong words, but I do have some absolutely breathtaking art I'd love to share with you.

Please see below for a collection of the art that helps bring my work to life. If you have fan art related to any of my projects, I'd be delighted to see it -- and perhaps feature here in the gallery. Check the contact page for more details on how we can connect.

Meanwhile, enjoy your stay. Please don't get fingerprints on any of the images. It would greatly upset the artists, I'm sure.

Warning: images (especially fan art section) may contain spoilers. Read first, art later!

2 | Maiden

Art from my upcoming story, The Maiden of Sea Sky.

1 | Foxfur

Cover art and concept images from my very first soiree into published fiction, Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet.


If you dislike looking at me in real life, you're in luck! Please see below for an adorable collection of caricatures that render yours truly into a much more palatable form.

Fan Art

To the wonderful people that read my work and are inspired to create their own renditions of Eras. Here is a  sampling of the spectacular art I have received from my friends, the readers.