And So, E3 2013 Came to A Close

Noctis, from Final Fantasy XV.

Funny, that after my previous blog in which I stated that I was "okay" with the Xbox One restrictions and would have to wait until launch to pass judgment, did Microsoft seemingly change it all. The company reversed a great number of their former announcements.

Did E3 go that poorly for them?

I posted about this original restriction topic on Twitter and received a lot of heated response. Extremely heated. Too hot to touch! There was some confusion there, and some anger, and that's okay. Such is the way of internet communication. My ultimate point, during the discussion, was that those restrictions wouldn't affect some people, myself included. However, I did eventually understand why people were so upset over the original limitations. Great points were made. And I never want to be the type that's so stubborn he won't back down or change his mind on something.

So now Xbox One has shed these restrictions. Freedom is always better than limitation, assuming that such freedom is not abused or used in unlawful ways. So, I celebrate alongside my gaming brethren that have a reason to return to Microsoft's camp.

However, it was thrilling to see Sony and PlayStation perform so admirably at last week's show. They have been the runner-up for a long time, suffering slings and arrows and all sorts of nastiness in the battle for video game dominance. The PlayStation 3 has certainly endured a difficult road. It's refreshing to see the team and its product change the tides and come out swinging. 

Please note, though, that I am mostly platform agnostic (though I do favor my PC for its technical superiority and Steam connectivity). But in terms of being a gamer, I think its wise to "enjoy it all."  Why limit yourself to one console and shout its superiority? Didn't we all just agree that limitations were dangerous?

Sora, of Kingdom Hearts fame.

Financial constraints represent a whole different beast -- one I know well. Not many can afford multiple consoles, especially around launch time, so favorites are picked, and picked quickly. But we should remember that gaming, as a medium, art, and activity, transcends companies and their platforms. Do people only watch films from Warner Bros.? Of course not. A weak comparison, I know, but hopefully it helps to make my point!

Okay, so, E3 2013. Microsoft had some issues, Sony did well, and Nintendo wore some Luigi hats. And we had some absolutely breath-taking surprises. We learned of Mirror's Edge 2 and Kingdom Hearts III, for a start. Final Fantasy Versus XIII changed its name and adorned itself the proper Final Fantasy XV. And some truly wicked trailers were released from the heavens. Incredible stuff. And! Saints Row IV garnered great reactions from the media, if I do say so myself...

Oh yes. And then there's this small matter of me being married in three days. That's happening. I will happily post some photos and thoughts after the ceremony. But, needless to say, it's an exciting and nervous time!

For now, I wish all of you well, and pray you have many victories in the game of your choosing.