Thank You (Yes, You!)

You're incredible. And your support gives me strength.

Alternate Cover, Art by Pandamusk.

Writing my second story, The Maiden of Sea Sky, took about seven months. That was just the writing process. Adjusting, refining, and editing the piece took even longer. If you noticed my foreword, I began the project in April of last year. And it was finally published just a few short days ago. That's almost a year, total.

As far as personal projects go, this was definitely the most involved, most taxing, and most rewarding thing I've ever had the good fortune to work on. Though I know it's riddled with flaws, I'm just so happy that I was able to see it through, and share it with the world. Which is the purpose of this note. Thank you to everyone that helped me craft this simple story of a young, traveling singer, and thank you to those that felt it worthy of a purchase.

Writing fills me with immense joy. And it helps me feel connected to the historic minds that came before me, though I will forever pale in comparison. Being able to share that joy through these humble creations makes all the work absolutely worth it. And your loving barrage of kind words and positive critiques has been nothing short of astonishing. Though, as ever, I welcome constructive criticism as well. It's as vital as breath.

If you've yet to pick up my second published story, you can buy it for three bucks on Amazon. Please consider leaving a review when you're done. Good or bad, I cherish your feedback.

And to all of you who have supported Eras from its inception: may it do justice to your unrelenting good spirit.