Introducing: Beggars and Sailors, a Fantasy Album

Our full-length, fantasy/folk album Beggars and Sailors is out now. After a year of incredible, creative collaboration and hard work by Danny and Tori Wiessner, you can listen to the whole album for free below, pay what you want on Bandcamp, or buy it from iTunes.

This immense project, which has been in the works since before I even published The Maiden of Sea Sky, could not be possible without the efforts of Danny Wiessner. He knew immediately after reading an early draft of the story that he would just have to adapt my poetry into music. Our good friend Pandamusk signed on to illustrate our beautiful cover art, and so we began.

The privilege to have Danny's incomparable talent working on my writing would be more than enough, but we are honored to host the vocal prowess and narration of award-winning actor Troy Baker. I appreciate his time and effort more than words allow me to express. His skill is rivaled only by his graciousness to contribute to this passion project.

Do you have questions? Excellent. Come on in.

What is this album?

Beggars and Sailors is a full-length, fantasy album composed by Danny Wiessner. It's based on the story and songs written in The Maiden of Sea Sky, my second piece of fantasy fiction.

Do I need to read The Maiden of Sea Sky to understand this?

Not at all, as Troy Baker provides a simple context with narration between each piece. Your enjoyment of the album, however, may be greatly improved after reading the original material.

What's it about?

Beggars and Sailors is a musical companion piece to The Maiden of Sea Sky, which tells the story of a bard's tournament in the cerulean port of Sea Sky. A young woman named Meeka Towers decides to compete there, and has a life-changing encounter with the reigning champion from the previous year of competition.

Where can I listen? Do I have to pay?

You can listen to the entire album for free above, or pay whatever you like on Bandcamp, or pay a small price on iTunes.

My very special thanks to everyone involved with this album, including (but certainly not limited to) Danny, Tori, Troy, Panda, my family and friends, and the love of my life Neethi for her support in all that I do.

Enjoy the music.