Two Big Steps

Well now. Here I stand.

I've been "working on the internet" for six years. During my time at IGN I treated the site and its community like my home. It was. I polished every article to a shine (most of the time) and, when I built the front page, tried to make it look as pretty as a massive conglomeration of content could be.

But it was never mine. Not truly.

This site is the first time in my life I've owned and operated a space online. The freedom gives me shivers. Like standing at the doorway to an empty room in a new house and realizing that you have every possibility.

Managing this site marks a turning point in my personal growth as a writer and professional. I intend to make this my home on the web. I will care for it with the same devotion I would give a newborn puppy. Potentially less. But so, so close to that.

Of course that's just one of the titular "two steps." Today, I publish the first story of Eras: Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet. An experiment, really, to test my grasp of creating fiction after a long stint in critical writing. Though I know Foxfur fails to represent my best work, it's important to share our weakest efforts with the world. This enables creative growth and encourages massive amounts of critique, which I need.

The original cover of Ferius Foxfur and the Bottle of Violet. 

If you haven't already read my "What is Eras?" section, I can explain it in brief here. Eras will represent all my work in fiction writing. Think of it as my portfolio title. But perhaps more importantly, it's the name of the fantasy world I've created to write within. Each short story I publish in the Eras series will provide a small glimpse into this world, so I can construct it carefully over time. This enables me to practice my craft while also supplying readers with easy-to-read stories in a variety of flavors. Yum.

I'll be the first to tell you that I have a long road ahead of me. There are so many brilliant writers in the world. I'm not one of them. But I aspire to at least a fraction of their greatness.

So thank you for joining me. Please relax, leave your comments, and be honest. Even if you hate my work, I'd appreciate hearing what you didn't like, and what could make it better. I want to grow.

Like a tree. A big, ol' fiction tree.