Joining the PlayStation Family

Like many of you in the gaming community, I have memories of PlayStation going back more than a decade.

I recall my wide-eyed wonder watching Battle Arena Toshinden and Warhawk flash across my television in all their three-dimensional glory. I can still feel the uncertainty in my fingers as I worked out the location of X, Triangle, Circle, and Square. Now those buttons feel more like an extension of my hand.

And I remember Final Fantasy VII. Even still, the sound of that train cutting through Midgar's perpetual darkness coaxes an ache out of my heart; the dozens of hours I spent with Avalanche, which defined me as a gamer and -- perhaps -- as an individual.

So it was with great pleasure and supreme honor that I accepted a position at Sony Computer Entertainment America, to work alongside an incredible team on an incredible brand. This opportunity is made all the sweeter by my time at IGN, in which I befriended many past and present Sony staff, and also fell in love with the PlayStation community through my contributions to Podcast Beyond.

Kevin Butler, VP of New Opportunities.

When I was made aware of the opening at PlayStation, following my departure from Deep Silver, I realized how fortuitous of an opportunity it was. My role at PlayStation is "Social Media Specialist." At first glance, that might seem like a position focused entirely on social media platforms. And while I eventually will help the team with their work on Facebook and Twitter, my larger efforts will be spent with the upkeep of the PlayStation Blog.

In this task, I can further develop the skills that I built while writing at IGN. I can continue to write and edit video game content, as well as cover industry events. But I do so now as an official representative of Sony. And, if you haven't heard, PlayStation is incredibly well poised for the coming generation of consoles. To work on such a legendary platform, at such an exciting time, is seriously a dream-come-true.  And that's why I, yet again, feel so blessed to belong in this industry, and to enjoy the company and wisdom of so many talented people.

So please visit the PlayStation Blog and see what the team has in store. Though I still have quite a few things to learn in this new role, I'm (Beyond!) eager to delve back into video game writing and editing.

I look forward to seeing you on the blog, on PSN, and at PS4's launch. Greatness awaits, or so I've heard...



P.S. For the few of you curious: yes, I will continue writing the Eras stories on weekends! I'm thrilled for the next one -- and I hope you are too. ^_^