The Maiden of Sea Sky Coming March 1st

The Maiden of Sea Sky promotional poster, by Pandamusk.

A traveler, singer, and runaway, Meeka Towers is no stranger to chance encounters. Her supple voice and skill with a sword are much needed constants in her journey through Calden. They have kept her safe and well fed, yet have not fulfilled her long-ago vow of winning a proper bard's title.

Upon learning of a singers' tourney in the cerulean port of Sea Sky, the brash young woman decides to test her mettle against the greatest bards in the South. But within the warm and crowded halls of the Quarrelling Sailors, Meeka will face immense danger, strange secrets, golden ale, and an opponent that could change the course of her life forever.

The Second Story of Eras. Be part of a growing realm of new fantasy, written in tribute to the great minds and pens that have come before.

It's with supreme pleasure that I reveal my latest story to you all, and announce that the Second Story of Eras will go on sale March 1st, 2014. Finally.

It took about seven months to write The Maiden of Sea Sky, making it the most involved fiction I've ever worked on. Throughout the ups and downs of the process, I've always looked forward to the moment when I can share it with a larger audience than my own imagination. It's so great to pull the curtain back. I wish I could better describe this feeling.

Special thanks to my best friend and partner Neethi for her incredible support; my mother for her thoughts on the first draft; the amazing Pandamusk for his exquisite art; Danny for he knows why; and DVS for continuing our college tradition of creativity and critique.

I have lots more to reveal leading up to the release date, so stay tuned. Until then, why not pass the time with a handy little FAQ?

What's the title of your next story, good sir?

The Maiden of Sea Sky.

Where can I find this fiercely anticipated tale of passion and song?

It will launch on Amazon on March 1st, 2014, as an e-book (or e-novella).

How much coin must I spend?

Unsure, though I'm hoping no more than three dollars.

I have not this trinket known as a Kindle. Whatever do I do?

That's okay! It seems like many people don't realize that you can read Amazon's books on a free Kindle app for iPhone/iPad, and also right in your browser via a cloud reader. Easy, right?

How long is this novella of yours?

Approximately 30,000 words. Longer than a short story, shorter than a novel. If it's any comparison, my first story (Ferius Foxfur) was only ~6,700 words.

Do I need to read your first work? I hear it was an amateur's dribble, at best.

Fortunately for you, imaginary inquisitor, you don't need to read the first story. They take place in the same world (Eras), but follow different characters.

Might my child also read this little story?

That depends -- The Maiden of Sea Sky includes graphic descriptions of violence and sexuality. I would recommend a mature readership.

I've no interest in the writing, but the art is magnificent. I must have more.

You should look into Pandamusk's Twitter account. He's quite the artist. And oh-so-huggable.

Do you recall that series of events were you asked out the same young woman half a dozen times and were rejected each and every time? How delightfully comical.

To be fair, none of us had any idea what we were doing in high school.