Your humble writer.


Hello friend. I hope you found your way here on purpose. If you happened to stumble upon this site by accident, or through URL treachery from a devious friend, I do apologize. I pray your stay here will be, at least to some degree, pleasurable.

This small, almost invisible droplet of the internet hosts the work and writings of Ryan D. Clements (speaking). I doubt you've heard of him. He's a beginner at best. He rarely has anything interesting to say, though on occasion his genuine sincerity affords him a modicum of charm.

This site is built and written entirely by me. All mistakes are my own, and should not be mistakenly attributed to business partners, friends, or phases of the moon. But mistakes or not, you are my guest, and I welcome you with open arms.

Oh, and please do leave your shoes at the door. It's dreadfully dirty out there.